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What I learnt about Whiskey In Edinburgh

27th November 2016

A visit to Edinburgh cannot be complete without a visit to The Scotch Whisky Experience. I got my masterclass complete with a Barrel ride, High-tech Exhibits, Tasting and Viewing the World’s largest collection of Scotch Whisky. I am Rounding up top ten things that truly got me awestruck. These also make for perfect ice breakers at the bar next time. Try it!

1.The Scots call it ‘whisky’. The key apparently does not lie in the word ‘e’, Omit, please.

2.Traditionally Scotland has been divided into five whiskey regions – Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay, and Campbeltown. The spirits from each region can be differentiated by the unique aroma and geographical location

3.Whiskey contributes to over £4.25billion to the UK economy! We sure love this Golden liquid.

4.The whiskey evaporates at 2% per year from a barrel. Termed as ‘Angels Share.’ I always knew my Guardian Angel has a drinking problem!

5.A whiskey is known as a Scotch whiskey only if it has spent at least Three years inside an oak cask.

6. The water used in the making of a whiskey affects its taste just as much as the grain would. A reason why different distilleries and their location vastly changes how the whisky tastes.

7. Single Malt is the produce of a single distillery and not the cask.

8. The shop in Edinburgh whiksy experience has a bottle of Balvenie ( 50-year-old) for 27,500 pounds which were distilled in 1963. Only 128 bottles of this exquisite whisky were produced.

9. Claive Vidiz’s collection houses over 3500 bottles collected over a span of 35 years and none of these gems have ever been opened, making it the world’s largest collection of Scotch whiksy.

10. Ignore whatever the whiskey snobs say, you have all the right to drink your whiskey the way you want to –  add some ice, water just neat or even add cola ( Even Claive Vidiz the connoisseur did so )

Well, they say “Once you have a glass, keep it with you, never put it down, never let it go – you own the glass.” What has been your unique whiskey or Whisky experience share some on my Facebook page?

Until next time. Cheers. xx

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