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Travelling for the first time : What to expect in Bali

14th May 2018

Bali is a holiday destination that you wouldn’t want to miss, rich culture, diverse food, partying scenes and the gorgeous natural sights.

1. The Balinese people are deeply religious and sometimes even superstitious; this is evident in how each house or shop will have a little offering kept every day for the gods. These include food, flowers, incense sticks etc., walk around these with caution you don’t want to step into these. 

2. Regarding Safety never had any significant issues here. However, isolated incidents occur anywhere in the world, so a little caution goes a long way. We found the nightclub area around legion to be extremely shady filled with catcallers and drunkards and I highly recommend that if you’re travelling solo or just a bunch of girls to steer clear of this place. There are cases of theft etc. in busy streets so keep your belongings safe.

3. The currency exchange is going to make you feel uber-wealthy. Foreign currencies like the US dollar, UK pound and Australian dollar can be very easily changed at many moneychangers in Bali. Also its easy to mix up 10,000 with 100,000 notes (it’s more common than you think). Don’t rely on plastic money, carry small denomination notes to pay for little things.

4. The Balinese locals’ names can be confusing – All Balinese share the same four names – Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut – these are unisex names and are given by order of birth.

5. Not Everything is dirt cheap, a lot of people expect Bali to be super cheap but in reality its a mixture of both, there are many luxury resorts in the island but also a host of budget backpack hostels, so it depends on how to spend your money here.

6. The best times to visit Ubud are June-September. January – March may see some rains, but usually, it’s a mix of the sun to balance the weather.  Its environment is warm, lush and you can choose whether to experience its country or beaches.

7. Bali is almost always warm and sunny so pack lots of strappy tops, cotton dresses, shorts and swimwear are a must but also pack in some modest clothing if you plan to visit temples where you will need to wear a sarong and cover your upper arms as well.

8. The island also has a host of international cuisines and all the hot food trends. Expect lots of instagrammy cafes that serve gorgeous looking healthy food. Whether it is authentic Mexican food or healthy acai bowls, you’ll be surprised at the diverse range of cuisines you can find here. Check out some options here.

9. There is something for each traveler in Bali, if you want a relaxed holiday that’s all about spas, cooking and wellness classes with a picturesque Balinese feel the Ubud is the place to be, If you looking for some stylish beach clubs, boutique shopping, international cuisine then Seminyak is perfect, honeymooners consider Nusa Dua or Jimbaran. You could also divide your time between different neighbourhoods or combine island stays in Gilli.

10. It will leave you wanting for more- Seriously this islands packs in so much fun that it is impossible to get it all done in a single trip, I’ve been twice, and I am itching to go back for more.


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