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Top 10 Ice Cream Places In Mumbai

10th September 2014

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream and it is kind of the same thing. Gobble Diaries scouted the whole city and came up with 10 places you can buy happiness from. We omitted any international chains in the list and kept it Mumbaiyya!

Rustomji Ice Creams

Ice-cream bars are sandwiched in between two thin wafer biscuits. You will surely be spoilt for choice here. Bite into these legendary ice cream flavors and you will not help but utter an involuntary yummmmmmm! We recommend the Walnut Crunch,Black Currant and Mango.

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This isn’t your stereotypical ice cream place, but this popular Gujarati restaurant makes hand churned ice creams. Our pick here is the Orange Apricot ice cream. It has a pleasant orange taste to it which will remind you of the classic Pickwick cream biscuit. It has little apricot pieces embedded in the creamy ice cream.

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You just cannot miss the sight of this popular ice cream joint at Charni Road. The place draws crowd for milkshakes and quick after-party bites. They have some interesting ice cream flavors and we pick the Green Chili ice cream here. Masking inside an outer creamy malai base, the spice kicks in giving you that awesome zing. Be a little adventurous and give this a try.

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 Ice Cream Works

Having several branches around the city, Ice Cream Works has delightful choices for ice cream lovers. We loved the Calcutta Meetha Paan which is like eating a real paan but in a creamy colder avatar. The Back to Black has its loyal fan base and is a delight for dark chocolate lovers. Who said choosing a flavour of ice cream was easy?

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It is that friendly neighbourhood ice cream parlour where you would visit with your family after a hearty meal. The Irish Coffee Ice Cream, Pan Masala and Jelly Top are hot favorites. A mix of a few conventional and some quirky flavors definitely adds Kamath to your wish list.

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Hokey Pokey

Ice cream…On The Rocks! Hokey Pokey takes the top spot when it comes to mixing ice cream flavors. They mix their ice creams on a stone slab and churn out some fun delights on a waffle cup. We love the Knight in Armour, Angel Apple Pie and theBlack Forest Blend.

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 Indigo Deli

Simply put, they have outstanding homemade ice creams. The Dulce de Leche and Belgian Chocolate, the Dulce de Leche & Salted Butter Pecan are heavenly. The Dulce de Leche has a creamy after-taste that you will love. The Belgian Chocolatewith its rich dark chocolate flavour will leave you wanting for more. Sample some richness here.

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Sample some hand churned ice creams at pocket friendly prices. The Sitafal andPineapple ice cream here are not to be missed.

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Taj Ice Creams

The 125-year-old ice cream shop serves its rich and creamy alphonso ice cream 365 days a year made with pieces of the actual fruit. They also have flavours such asSitaphal, Mango, Strawberry, Chikoo and Roasted Almond. The ice creams are made in a sancha (mould) and are a total feast for the senses. This is a hidden gem indeed!

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Our list just cannot be complete without this. Naturals is probably the first ice cream chain to mass produce natural ice cream in the traditional way. With have a tempting array of flavors and new and seasonal additions every month. Tender Coconut and many more await your taste buds!

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 Life is just like ice cream. Enjoy before it melts! What is your favorite ice cream place in Mumbai ?

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