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The New Pressé Cocktails – Trident BKC

27th September 2014


What if I tell you that humble French Press in your kitchen can make for a killer cocktail maker? Yes, it was just as surprising for me when the folks at Trident BKC called me to try the new Preśse cocktails. Cocktails made with Vodka, Gin, Rrum and fresh ingredients all pressed carefully in the French Press is a fresh break from the usual cocktail shaking routine.

A look at the cocktails I tried –

L’Original Pressé – It is made with Grey Goose vodka, Cucumber and Lime . A great balance of flavors and one of my favorites of the evening. One sip and I was quite intrigued as to how such a smooth balance of flavors could be established with such ease.

le original

le orignal 2

Paradise Pressé – It is a Basil, Rosemary and Berry mix. It is an interesting combination with the basil and rosemary intermingling to provide a lovely flavor. I think this would taste exceptionally nice with a Spaghetti Aglio Olio.

paradise 2


Korean Pressé – This is a risky innovation in a hurricane glass a mix of Green Tea and Bombay Sapphire with Mint. Being a green addict I didn’t like this avatar of my Green Tea. I would probably give this a miss.

korean (2)

Thai Pressé – A concoction of Grey Goose Vodka La Poire , Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime and Orange Juice. This was a tad diluted because of the excess crushed ice but if you tweak it, could work.

thaithai presse

Chinese Presse – Primarily it is Chamomile Infused Bacardi with Lime. This was a combination that really caught my attention. The subtle dash of chamomile mingling with the headiness of Bacardi made for a fun cocktail. You will fall in love with the aroma of chamomile in each sip.

chinese presse

Pressé Bloody Mary – Grey Goose Vodka with freshly pressed Cherry Tomato, Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce. Oh Boy! Did I almost drown myself in this beauty? You take the usual Bloody Mary and spin it into something exotic which qualifies it for being done in a new way and yet tasting oh so fine.

bloody mary

We munched on some Pepperoni Pizza and some Cheese Munchies with our cocktails.


Pepperoni Pizza


Cheese Munchies

Feeling parched already? Why you must give these a try ? The freshness of fruits combined with the strong flavors of Vodka, Gin or Rum pressed through a French Press work because the press soaks the flavors subtly.

Most cocktails I tried were minimally sweet yet delightful. The lineup of cocktails is lovely. What’s the best part here? There is something for everyone.

It is priced at Rs 850 plus taxes but owing to the quality of ingredients it justifies the stellar price. It is nice to see and savor drinks presented differently. Sip and enliven your spirits with these gorgeous Pressé cocktails this weekend. Cheers!

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