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Planning a bachelorette in Bali

20th August 2017

Bachelorette is probably the first thing that came to my mind when my D-Day was fixed! It is essential to make a memorable trip with your girlfriends before you tie the knot.

With a lot of wedding preparation stress, some days with a bunch of friends does wonders to keep the Bridezilla mode away and what better than an island trip to Bali!


I have been to Bali before and fell in love with the tiny island that packs in everything that’s needed for a perfect holiday. There are gorgeous beaches, culturally stimulating sights, gastronomical delights and it is a destination that can be suited to any budget! You could stay at the most luxurious resorts or stay at backpacker hostels.

Indian Citizens don’t need a prior visa or a visa fee for a trip less than seven days, yay to no visa stress.


Rent a villa; we girls deserve a cool bachelorette pad to set the party right. Bali has tons of villa options suited to every budget; it’s so much more fun than staying in a hotel. Choose one with a private pool, and you’ll never want to leave.

Regarding locations, Seminyak is my personal preference as everything right from shopping to the best bars, and beach clubs are all in Seminyak. If you want something less crowded and more relaxing, try Canguu or Ubud.


A lot depends on what the to-be bride and the squad want to get out of the bachelorette. Ideally, you should do a mix of sightseeing, clubbing, water sports, shopping and spa days because Bali has it all! Think of beach clubs or water sports during the day and getting some bars later in the night and if you party too hard pamper yourself silly at a spa the next day. Check out some popular haunts in Bali here.


My advice is always to pack light; it’s a summer destination so your clothes shouldn’t take too much space in the luggage. Carry lots of bright strappy tops and mix and match them with shorts, flowy cotton dresses for your sundowners. A couple dresses that are clubbing appropriate, and of course, your swimsuits think some bikinis! Carry some fun accessories to jazz up outfits like earrings, straw hat, a bright tote and strappy sandals. Also, do not forget to pack some beach cover-ups, sunscreen and mosquito repellant.


  • Don’t plan a bachelorette too close to your wedding, ideally, 2-3 months before you tie the knot.
  • Get a local driver on the days when you are planning some local sightseeing or bar hopping; this is perfect if you are a group and don’t want the hassles of a taxi each time.
  • Plan your budget well in advice so that there are no hassles with your friends last minute.
  • Delegate work beforehand, your bridesmaids will be happy to help, but you’ll need to divide responsibilities according to what their forte is.
  • Share all the booking confirmations, tickets and essential numbers with everyone on the trip.
  • Do not over plan your itinerary; the idea is to unwind and have a great time with your pals.

Well, this Bacherollete was everything that I wanted, and I hope you too have the best one wherever you go, make lots of memories that are ‘social media inappropriate’ and have stories to tell for years.

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