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IMBISS – the MEATing joint

14th June 2014

photo 1After hearing some rave reviews of this eatery, the Gourmet and the Gourmand decided to meat up over lunch at Imbiss – MEATing joint.  Situated in a lane whose name sets your taste buds craving for some gobble, Pasta Lane! Imbiss is quite easy to locate courtesy a signboard starting from causeway to all the way to the location.

IMBISS is a two floored structure with wooden flooring and brick walls giving it a cosy rustic feel. The section where we found  a place didn’t have the most comfortable seating. The chair was too low for the table. The staff did not bother to ask us for water and we had to ask them for glasses to be served. Definitely not what you would expect considering it is so hot outside.

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The menu at IMBISS is quite huge compared to its counterpart at Bandra West. There is a wide selection ranging from Soups, Beer Foods, Schnitzels, Sandwiches and Salads. Vegetarians really have nothing here except the Aubergine Schnitzel and Garlic. They have a very good collection of Domestic and Imported Beers which is priced quite decently. The Gourmet suggested that we try the Chicken Schnitzel,Pork Spare Ribs and the Chorizo Rice. The Pork Spare Ribs are juicy baby back spare ribs glazed with smoked BBQ sauce which are priced at Rs 480 and the most expensive dish on the menu. But mind you, the ribs are a MUST recommended gobble.

photo 4

Pork Spare Ribs

Our Gourmet was a little unimpressed by the Pork Ribs mainly because Pork is not her favorite, while Gourmet politely moved them away, the Gourmand  satiated his soul with the ribs. The  Chicken Schnitzel which is essentially a deep-fried breaded cutlet accompanied with a little helping of salad and French fries. The chicken was coated with a tangy masala and covered in a layer of breaded covering. The spices are lovely and the chicken was cooked beautifully , with the nicest crunch of the covering. We totally loved this pick. The third dish we ordered was the Chorizo Rice which was Surrounded by some lettuce which doesn’t really add on to the dish but was probably placed for presentation. The dish was tiny chunks of Chorizo (Spanish Pork Sausage) , mushrooms and garlic embedded in the deliciously cooked rice. It had a sunny side up egg and onions rings on top. Slightly on the drier side as rice doesn’t have any gravy and the egg is not runny either.

photo 3

Chicken Schnitzel


photo 1

Chorizo Rice

For desserts they had a chocolate cake which they don’t bake in house but procure from a baker nearby. Hence we decided to skip it. Our other orders were cuisinal blockbusters. They find themselves in the food’s 100cr club .

At the end, the staff handed over a tablet having a digital feedback form which essentially concluded our visit. All items are priced neatly giving you that paisa vasool feeling.

Gourmand’s final verdict –  I would waltz all the way to Colaba for IMBISS.

Gourmet’s final verdict – This is a Carnivore’s Delight. Total thumbs up to Imbiss.

Would we Gobble here again? – Yes ! If you love meat and juicy sausages. Go try this, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Place    –  IMBISS
Address  –  3, Pipewala Building, Opposite Camy Wafers, 4th Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai.
Contact  –  022 33488118

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