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How to survive The Ultra Europe Festival Like a Boss

13th May 2017

Ultra Europe is Ultra’s famous EDM festival that made its way to Croatia in 2013 from Miami. We ticked a major bucket list item last year – The Ultra Europe in Croatia, while a lot of our friends were saving up for Tomorrowland, we picked out the relatively more budgeted option of The Ultra Europe with an added incentive of visiting the beautiful country of Croatia.

Here are some tips, ideas and advice from our hits and misses of Ultra Europe 2016


Our Ultra Europe start was pretty rocky, to say the least, the first day cancelled because it rained and the winds were so strong that they couldn’t continue the fest, but the weather gods were kind to us for the next two days, and everything got better from there! Day two had performances from Day 1 too – non-stop kick-ass partying yo!
So carry something that you could wear if it rains like a rain poncho and prepare for the worst. Hats, caps, and sunscreen are essential as the Croatian sun can be quite harsh.


Follow the official Ultra Europe official handles on Twitter and Facebook, they will post all of the news and updates that you’ll need. It’s better to follow any information from an official source, and it helped us when Day 1 of Ultra 2016 was cancelled and ultimately how everything started early on day 2.


We stayed at Travel2Ultra official  Ultra Europe Beachville campsite located in Omis. You can either pitch your tent or get beach houses as we did. There’s never a dull moment here, people are partying 24/7 almost, and if you plan to travel solo finding some fest mates here, won;t be an issue either. But on the downside, the tents do get dirty, and the beach houses tend to have plumbing problems and to top it all it is so far from the Poljud stadium that you’ll waste a lot of time and energy travelling to the fest area.

I would recommend booking anything you find in Split; you will have to start your hunt way in advance because everything gets sold out super soon. We stayed in a lovely flat in Split on the 4th day after the main fest was over and stumbled upon such a pretty property that didn’t cost a bomb from


The drinks and food both inside the stadium will be expensive, so it’s a good idea to have a wholesome snack before you head out for the madness. I can’t vouch for it, but I did see folks smuggling in a little bottle or not, yeah I’m just saying
The Sri Lankan food stall was the best one last year, relatively healthy and filling.
The toilets at the stadium are the portable kinds which are and they do leak so yeah plan your drinks wisely 😀


Travelling to the stadium from anywhere in split won’t be a big issue because there are ample buses and extra buses around the festival time. If you’re in Omis at the official campsite, they run buses to and from the stadium as well. While the journey from Omis to the stadium is long the entire bus is in a whole party mood, and it was one of the most memorable moments of Ultra Europe Fest.


Croatia has steadily become one of the hottest tourists destinations in Europe so while you’re here for the fest plan a Croatian itinerary and see some of the delights the country has to offer. Game of Thrones fans need to head to Dubrovnik and nature lovers should head to Plitvice and if you need just to keep partying take you ultra europe package that has boat parties and after parties of Hvar.

While we had to return to our Dissertation in U.K, we managed to explore Spilt after the fest ended it is a beautiful city that can be happily explored on foot, and you don’t need more than two nights to uncover all the sights here. Another bucket list item that you could check is the Ziplining in Omis which we did on the morning of the first day before the final night of Ultra, the views were to die for, and it was worth every penny, highly recommended.

Forget about sleep; the artist will have your adrenaline pumping to the best DJs in the world and give into the spirit of The Ultra Europe Fest!
Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat 😉

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