Holland Park, London – A paradise for a Pokemon Go fan

13th September 2016

I am that person who roams with a battery pack and has her Pokemon Go app open all the time! Yes guilty as charged.

So if you’ve been playing Pokemon Go consistently then, you probably have walked a few miles extra to hatch that egg or hunted that Charmander a few blocks and it is entirely normal.

In London, my absolute favourite place to catch em all is Holland Park! I have also been to Hyde Park and Regents, but Holland wins hands down.

There’s no shortage of Pokemon or fellow Pokemon Go Players in Holland Park and adding to the bonus is a lot of poke-stops

A low-down at the Pokemon I caught in around 2.5 hours walking and sitting around lures in Holland Park.

img_2365 img_2364

Walked in the first pokestop and greeted by a slow poke, Poliwag and Pysduck around Lord Holland where some angel placed a lure  also do you see people in the background playing Pokemon Go

Caught these and ignored a Pidgey and Rattata cause those guys are just everywhere!


Zoomed out and that’s how Holland Park looks like.


Lots of drowzees too, just like everywhere in London!


That’s an 1100 CP Jynx that’s practically waiting to be caught!


Holland Park also has a lot of peacocks who are vying for your attention! But there’s just too many Pokemon around so the poor creature doesn’t have a big audience.

img_2374 img_2372

Absolute bliss to catch some evolved Pokemon.

Not even ashamed to admit I followed some ten-year-olds because they had an android Pokemon tracker app to get that Kabuto


My happiest moment was catching about six Bulbasaur and 3 Squirtles. I’m closer to Blastoise and Venasaur.

img_2373 img_2370

Holland Park has people of all ages playing this addictive game, yes I’ve seen families where the mother, father, and children all looking for that elephant elusive Bulbasaur.


Came across this sign from the police which urges you to respect the sanctity of the place, well I apologise on behalf of  fellow Pokemon trainers and let’s pledge not to go overboard okay?

Catching some good Pokemon is just an added reason, but Holland Park is a must go because it’s the perfect picnic spot in the summer. A cute cafe, Kyoto garden with a tiny waterfall, peacocks, and beautiful flowers!

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