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Ground Zero – The Invincible Vodka Event

18th July 2014

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Who wouldn’t be grateful for a pick up to and from an event in the middle of the week? Thanks to the FBAI, the Gourmet dragged her corporate self to ‘Ground Zero’ to try the Invincible Vodka and savor some food with fellow bloggers.

What is different about Invincible Vodka? – The Invincible Vodka is supposed to have been made from the finest grains grown in the rich fields of the Himalayas. It is micro-oxygenated like fine wine and is produced in an 8 column distillation process through activated carbon and triple russian filtration (silver, gold and platinum). It contains no artificial ingredients or added sugar and carbohydrates. This results in a smooth vodka which is delightfully perfect for ‘On The Rocks’ , as shots, as cocktails or even for a drizzle on food.


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We tried the Invincible in cocktails, some dishes spiked with vodka and some regular. A lowdown on how it all fared.

Vine velvet – This was a cocktail with Vodka, Red Wine and Cranberry. This just did not work for the gourmet and she could not taste any cranberry in this drink either.

Death By Chocolate – This was a cocktail with Chocolate Sauce, Vodka, Gin and Brownie Poppers. This was loved by all on our table. Being smooth and velvety, chocolate with the touch of vodka and gin did hit the right notes. This one is definitely recommended!

death by chocolate

Orange Zest– It is supposedly a concoction of Orange Juice, Cointreau, Vodka and hints of Orange Puree but the gourmet felt that the Orange Juice got a little too zesty. We could taste no alcohol in this. This one is totally avoidable.


Hawaiian Twist – This one had Vodka, Malibu Baileys and Vanilla Tonic. The Vanilla and Coconutty Malibu paired perfectly doing justice to the name; Two sips and I was transported to the beach. Minus marks for the presentation but the mix sort of takes you away from the presentation part. Full marks to this cocktail. It is worth a try!


Sinly– Blue Curacao, Vodka and Sambuca. Oh boy! This is definitely not for the faint hearted.

photo 1

Samir trying the Sinly Shot

Nachos – You know your nachos are horrible when munching of them reminds you of the ‘Mathris’ we have with tea. Even with cheese or a salsa dip, these nachos are avoidable.

Jalapeno Poppers – They looked more like Jalapeno fingers. These are average and nothing significant that they can boast about.

Salad – A nice mix of lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, onions with a simple lemony dressing and a drizzle of vodka. Surely an interesting dish and surprisingly the smooth Invincible vodka works with veggies.

Brushchetta – Another below average dish. Nothing noteworthy mentionable there.


Chicken Wings – They were quite delightful and were crunchy and saucy just the way one would love gobbling them.

photo 3

Paneer Tikka – The paneer was sour and had a rubbery texture. Highly avoidable!

photo 2

Margherita Pizza – A nice cheesy pizza with a generous drizzle of vodka! This one is a total winner.

photo 4

A fun evening with some interesting food having a few hits and a few misses. Since this was a special event, we can’t possibly comment on the overall pricing.

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Gourmet’s Final Verdict – The Hawaiian Twist and the Cheesy Vodka Pizza are recommendable. Top up with a Death By Chocolate and you will be satiated! The cocktails need to be presented better and the interiors need some jazz too.

Will we gobble here again? – On a night when we plan to get sloshed, a fiery sinly shot alongside munching on some vodka pizza would be a fun idea.

Place – Ground Zero
Address – C’est La Vie, 164 Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Contact –  9320433233, 022 6132222

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