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FBAI event – Starbucks

11th June 2014

photo 2To the Gourmet coffee is like a smile and a hug stirred in a cup. It gives a kick-start to your routine with a zing according to her. What she didn’t know was that the mere mention of coffee would make her drag her ass off the bed on a fainéant saturday morning. Cityslicker was invited by FBAI for ‘A create your Frappuccino’ event. This made the Gourmet jump with joyousness and she hopped her way to Starbucks in Horniman Circle. The Gourmand being out of town could not accompany her for the event.

photo 3

The FoodBloggers!

photo 2

Starbucks has received tremendous love in India. Long lines outside the cafe and Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds flooded with the pictures of the Starbucks Coffee say it all. The crowd still remains and after 2 years of its inception and around 18 cafes all over Mumbai Starbucks still manages to be have the loyal crowd flocking in.

The 4,500 sq ft store in the historic Elphinstone Building in South Mumbai’s Horniman Circle was the Flagship Store in India where the Gourmet arrived for the event. The store has an interesting decor with Indian touches henna patterns on the floor, tree trunks, gunny sacks, old boxes wooden boxes and high ceilings and the pervasive fragrant coffee aroma in the air.

The Frappucinos at Starbucks are a classic, all over the world. The Mocha Java chip,Caramel Frappuccino and Mocha Frappuccino being the bigger hits among the lot.

The FoodBloggers were shown what goes into making these signature Frappucinos. The various steps, the measurements and their secret ingredients makes Starbucks a favorite all over the world. The bloggers saw how they were made and generously sipped on them.

Then came the fun part ! The invitees were told that they could make their Frappucinos ! Yes you heard it right! Since Starbucks now lets you customize your Frappucinos, the food bloggers were given the ingredients and were told to let the creativity flow. They could create their own  signature Frappuccinos.

photo 4

photo 5

photo 5

The Gourmet in action

photo 3

The Gourmet with her creation

Fellow bloggers created some magic using ingredients they loved. The fitness freaks made theirs with skimmed milk and skipped the cream and sugar. Some opted for decaf and others added extra cream and milk for the indulgence. The Gourmet likes her coffee strong and loves chocolate too. She created her Frappuccino with hazelnut espresso shot , less milk than usual and chocolate sauce with the whipped cream on top and was truly contented with her art.

photo 1

Delightful! Isn’t it ?

So the best part is now we can get our Frappuccinos the way we want.

1. Choose your milk.

2. Adjust your coffee.

3. Add the necessary sinful flavours.

Shun the concept of a ‘lazy sunday morning’. Set your alarm to an unrealistic waking time, ignore the ‘snooze’ option for a gastronomical cause and head over to Starbucks and say Yayyyyyyy to chilled Frappuccinos this summer!

Place – Starbucks
Location – Elphinstone Building, next to Croma Horniman Circle.
Contact – 66551927/28

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