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Experience Seminyak : The Coolest Neighbourhood in Bali

20th August 2017

Seminyak is one of the coolest places to stay in Bali, trendy cafes, boutique stores, beautiful streets, a plethora of accommodation options and many more reasons to be at Seminayk.
Seminyak is roughly 30 minutes from the airport, depending on the traffic. You can get a taxi from the official airport stand at the airport when you arrive or get a bluebird taxi; uber is not a preferred option in Bali. The best way to get around in Seminyak is by foot or a bluebird taxi, the traffic during peak hours is crazy. Seminyak lacks a traditional feel of Bali, but it can also serve as a base for day trips and other tourists places if the island. Friends, Family, Couples, Honeymooners Seminayk, is perfect for all. There are some Seminayk experiences that you must do.

  •  Listen to your inner potato and head to Potato head for that gorgeous infinity pool, cocktails by the best in business and insanely cool vibes.
  •  Treat yourself to some coconut love at Mad Pops The spot is quite popular on Instagram for its cool neon signboard and some coconut ice creams and guilt-free popsicles.
  • Hunt for a cool dreamcatcher as the perfect souvenir of Bali, shops along Seminyak have some beautiful ones on display and its hard to resist these.
  • Get your smoothie fix at Cafe Organic, the smoothies in coconut halves and healthy omelettes are as tasty as they look.
  • Shop for some designer swimwear, Seminyak has tons of beautiful boutique shop that will channel your inner shopaholic; the cutesy bikinis are a must buy.
  • Sip drinks are looking at the buzzing Seminyak street from Char Char Bar and Grill; it’s hard to ignore this quirky bar.
  • Bite into some Artisanal Doughnuts at Dough Darlings. The freshly made brioche bun doughnuts are as good as the name of this place.
  • Transport to a world of colours and Mexican love at Motel Mexicola that promises some tasty Mexican fare and funky, groovy evenings.
  • Get your Caffeine fix at Revolver Coffee, the place is tiny and packs some serious coffee. The Beans are sourced from around the world and roasted and blended in Bali.
  • Your Mind will be Blown at La Favela! It is a stunning place filled with vintage curious and wall art nestled in a tropical garden, whats more the dancing scenes here are like no other. I went here two nights in a row, need I say more?.
  • Get Ready for some classic lounging scenes at KU DE TA. The pizzas are great, music is spot on, the beach is just a skip away, and the sunset scenes are killer.
  • Chill on a budget at Taris beach bar or to La Plancha for some good local fare that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

New spots are popping up in Seminyak all the time so as you read it a pretty new cafe probably just opened its doors, pack your bags and plan a new adventure.
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