Budapest, Europe

Essential Budapest Tips

18th April 2016

Budapest is a city that stands out as my favourite travel destinations of 2016. This city has everything that you need, want or dreamt of.

Essential tips that I learnt in Budapest.

  1. Geography As Danube Divides Buda and Pest into two it comes together as Budapest through some of the spectacular bridges. Budapest is a combination of Buda and Pest
  1. Currency: The official currency of Hungary is Forint. Hungarian bank notes value from 500 forints to 20,000 ft. Many places do not accept cards so it is always a good idea to carry some cash with you.
  1. Budapest Card: We loved the Budapest card and buying it in a group is even cheaper. Select the number of hours you would want it depending on your travel. The card allows you unlimited use of the public transport and discounted entries to many museums, cafes, bars, and restaurants.
  1. No matter what city in the world you are in, a little caution is always a good idea. Budapest is notorious for cases of pickpockets and even bag snatching so be careful while travelling on public transport and around touristy areas.
  1. Weather: The summers are super hot and winter cold and bitter. The summers are April to August and December to February is when Budapest gets snowing. Get packing accordingly.
  1. Tap water is safe to consume in Budapest, carry a bottle for refills and save those


Budapest has a lot to offer for every traveler; we suggest at least a three-day trip at least.

Stay Tuned for upcoming stories on Budapest on the blog.


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