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The Art of fine cuisine in the city of Art: ‘Wien’ in Vienna

6th December 2016

A city that is known for its culture, long Habsburg history, Operas and museums  I discovered in Vienna the ultimate sin – gluttony! In under three days amidst all the exploring, I gobbled, gulped and burped (sorry, not sorry) my way into this enchanting city. I am going to take you on the food journey through Austria capital.

The Viennese cafe culture is world renowned so much so that it is listed as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by a UNESCO sub-agency. The locals just seem to sip their way through endless cups of coffee, reading the paper, smoking and indulging in a delicious chocolate cake or perhaps an apple strudel. Suggested by localities, we visited the  Cafe Sacher which is the home of the legendary Sacher Torte and Sacher Coffee. This elegant cafe in the heart of Vienna is what dream are made of, there is an air of royalty in the way your food is served, and the opulent chandeliers will add to the dreaminess. You cannot miss the Sacher Coffee which has sacher liqueur, and generous whipped cream and the Rich sinful Sacher Torte makes me salivate even now, nd if you’re not a fan of chocolate, a warm apple strudel with your coffee is just perfect. With food so tempting it was almost impossible to take a picture without a few hands photo bombing

For something perhaps less opulent there is Kaffee Alt Wien and similar in the city, the ones flocked by locals and tourists alike. What I loved most were the old school coffee shop feel and a wall that is adorned with posters, you could happily sip your beer and smoke your way in a cafe, and it’s alright. The coffees are straight up caffeine kicks without fancy cups and the frills. A little besides the point but worth mentioning is how good the washrooms in this cafe were considering the furniture and walls were almost crusty the toilet belongs to a 5-star hotel. Also, carry cash as many local cafes do not accept cards.

Outdoor seating and local food made our meal at Leupold worthy enough to be on this list. The Veal schnitzel was perfect, and the beer selection is great! Our food arrived quick, and some hungry souls were satiated that evening .

Sometimes you do a bit of soul-searching, and sometimes you just eat it in a nice big platter! Well, it isn’t as brutal as it sounds we went on to try the  Ethiopian Restaurant and had a supremely delicious meal! The small place that serves big portions. The owner served us our hearty meal with a broad smile, and I’d recommend you give this a try; vegetarians have good options too.


Blown by what all Wein has o offer we spent an evening at Schesch Besch an Arabian themed restaurant. The shishas were exquisite, and the lip smacking Lebanese platter even got a thumbs up from my friend from Saudi!



When museums and palaces get daunting its time to get a tipple, Try the iconic  Loos Bar which is an American Bar located in the heart this beautiful city. Designed by Adolf Loos who said “Clean lines and fine materials give the bar her face. The soul is the space of far beyond the reaches of the bar. ” The Bartender told us this busy bar which is still considered an architectural marvel has survived over decades and still enjoys its fame. While the Bar may have been designed as a rebellion against the ostentatious architecture of the time, we made peace with our incredibly satisfying cocktails. The Cappuccino Martini si divine and even though its hard to find an English menu, the servers will help you choose your poison. 

That’s a wrap on the Vienna Eats, I hope this helps you to fill your hungry souls in this beautiful city.




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