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Cityslicker’s Ibiza Story

1st July 2016

Even though I never had this tiny island on my travel wish-list, it is now one of my fondest holidays.

My itinerary hopefully gives you the right inspiration to get your bum to Ibiza.


img_9552Hit the beach

Ibiza is a home to some gorgeous beaches, with crystal clear waters.

We lazed around Cala Gracio which was a pleasant 15-minute walk from our hotel Ibiza rocks.

Cala Gracio is pristine and somewhat secluded even though it is just a few minutes from San Antonio Central.!
If you’re adventurous enough, there are some cool diving spots too. I settled for a little swim and some lazing after. quite sharp so a little caution might save those bandages.

Cala Comte is a people’s favourite beach, diverse crowd spanning all ages settle for this beautiful beach, whichnight’s hangover. (it is tried and tested ) You can gobble some fresh sushi as the sun goes down sitting in the sunset ashram.

Cala Bassa is rocks pools around the beach make for the best chilling places. There are plenty of places to eat and drink. We indulged in a Spanish Cava lunch at Cala Bassa beach club soaking up the beautiful Ibiza sun.


Tip: The umbrellas for rent are usually pricey, we would highly recommend buying them from a nearby beach shop and using it through your Ibiza holiday.
Renting a car or a scooter is the cheapest and the best way to get to the beaches, the taxis are hard to find after sunsets and cost a bomb.



You cannot leave Ibiza without hitting some clubs, well you sure can but why to deprive yourself of some crazy party action when you are in the Party capital of the world.

We went crazy and squeezed in four parties in my four nights of time in Ibiza, and that included two nights in one day. Do I recommend you do that? Well no. I don’t want to sound like a grandma here but do not get tempted and book for more than one party in a day.

Our hotel Ibiza Rocks made party planning a lot easy, the happy people a the reception suggest you whats good on what days of the week, and you can buy your tickets too.

Having heard so much about Pacha, we settled for ‘paris by night’ at Pacha. Pacha is synonymous with Ibiza so much so that their cherries are everywhere on t-shirts. Wallets and earrings no seriously the Pacha brand is big.

Situated in the old Ibiza town, this club hosts some of the best artists, and the luxurious, charming feel is sure to get to you. The drinks are expensive, but a little pre-drinking can get you sorted.

Unleash that party animal in You at Zoo Project located in Benimussa Park is an experience you just cannot miss. It is a day/evening affair that carries on as the sun sets. Soak in the trance hippy happy vibe here; I tried some body paint just because my zebra costume did not come through on time. Okay, I was kidding.


There are tribal dancers, tattoo artists and lounging spaces called living room where you can settle with a tall fruity cocktail. There are live pizza and crepe stations too.

Zoo project is perfect if you hate the claustrophobic feels of the club the vast open space where there is something for well everyone.

Ushuaia is located at Play den’Bossa is one of the hottest destinations for all the party lovers. Outdoor daytime clubbing and world’s biggest DJs make this an absolute in your party calendar. We witnessed – David Guetta .. and danced till our feet ache and our voices were gone. The amazing Stage production and glamorous dancers add to the appeal. You can even stay at the hotel and witness all the action partying in your balcony.


Sunset at Es vedra

We gave our party shoes some rest and rented a scooter to chase the sunset at Es Vedra.

Almost 400 metres high, Es Vedra is 2km off the west coast of Ibiza, situated in the Cala d’Hort area. This rock is shrouded with many a legends and myths but I uncovered was the most beautiful sight that left me astounded. It is a photographers delight and a perfect muse to an artist.

Watching the sun set and soaking in the Ibiza breeze is the best therapy.


Explore the old Ibiza

Old Ibiza offers plenty of places to soothe that wanderer in you. There are some great art Galleries, Musuems and the stunning Citadel of Dalt Villa.

Wear some comfortable shoes and set get to explore Ibiza town, the walk to Dalt villa is on a slight incline but the panoramic view from the top make it absolutely worth your time.


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