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Cityslicker’s Guide to Cornwall

17th September 2016

Cornwall has some of the most spectacular sights, beaches apt for surfers and picturesque harbour beaches.The Cornish Riviera will make for a relaxing weekend getaway if you’re in a need for a romantic vacation or just some family time.

Minack Theatre beautifully represents Cornwall. The vision of Rowena Cada that has stood the test of time as a theatre that has the most Breathtaking view. The Minack Theatre still houses some of most plays, it open for tourists all through the week. We were fortunate to witness the storyteller narrating how the theatre came to life, but if you check in advance, you can see a play here or just stroll around the magnificence.

A visit to the exhibition is a must to know how Minack Theatre was built by Rowena Cade. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but I hope these photos serve as an excellent travel inspiration for you.

It will be a shame to miss Land’s End if you are in Cornwall. Expect some dramatic sights as the Atlantic ocean hits the cliffs c. Historically an area that has seen many shipwrecks the land’s end is filled with many warnings as the cliffs can be dangerous, but if you could be super safe sitting by the Land’s End Bar and Restuarant and some good old Cornish ale, the views from here are gorgeous.

St. Ives is popular among tourists and locals alike. There is a lot to do here for everyone – Beaches, Tate Gallery, Shops, pubs, cafes and happy local singers. We loved strolling along the beautiful lanes and defending our Cornish ice cream cones from a host of seagulls.

We loved the fresh pasties (mainly meat or vegetables baked inside a savory pastry filling)  in the bakeries here, tons of bakeries and cafes sell these delights. Cornish people also take great pride in Brewing some fine Ales and Ciders which we have to agree they good outstandingly well.

If you are not a surfer, there isn’t much to do at the beaches here in Cornwall, although long walks on the beach will not be overrated. All in all, to ideally plan your time in Cornwall rent a car, there are ample parking spaces, and it gives you the opportunity to cover different sights in Cornwall with ease in a limited time.

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