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Art meets luxury at Tijara Fort-Palace

24th March 2017

Don’t we all dream to be treated like royalty ? to live in a large room with a window to a beautiful garden and wake up to smell fresh flowers and hear birds chirping! I made my dream possible at a weekend staycation at the  Tijara Fort-Palace. The labour of love that Maharaja Balwant Singh had started construction for before his untimely death was ultimately completed by the Neemrana group roughly after a decade of long construction.


It took us slightly less than 3 hours from Delhi to get to Tijara. We hired an  Ola outstation, and it was a smooth journey.  There some buses running from Delhi to Alwar as well and the nearest railway station is Alwar.


The fort has two palaces—Rani Mahal and Mardana Mahal, And there is a total of 61 suites each that brings out a renowned painter or designers work in a tastefully done room and is named after them. The Rani Mahal has bigger rooms compared to the Mardana Mahal. We checked out a couple rooms that weren’t occupied before making our final selection, every room speaks a different story and has a distinctive character.

We were lucky that  The Anjolie Mahal was available and we chose to move in sadly on a temporary basis here.

The kind of room that makes you go ‘ ooh wow’ even in the presence of a hotel staff, and act like an excited little puppy because this huge room was stunning, to say the least.  The highlight of the room was wall fresco done by Anjolie Ela Menon! The bright cherry room is the perfect amalgamation of Rajasthan culture and art. The Bathrooms in all the rooms are simple and lot home like and they come up Forest Essentials toiletries yay!

The Laila Mahl


One of the best things about Neemrana properties is that they make you feel at home and that’s how most of our meals were like- homemade. We had a buffet dinner outdoors – a delicious spread that was a mix of north Indian and traditional Rajasthani dishes read some gorgeous laal maas and fresh melt in the mouth tikkas.

The breakfast spread was a mix of continental fare and north Indian and south dishes, simple and hearty fare. The lunch was indoors and once again ticked off all points on a food lover’s Palate. The menu is ever changing and the best thing is that the food here is always made fresh, they start preparing the meal just a couple hours before and the quantity is always prepared accordingly to the guests staying to ensure minimum wastage. The personalised service is unbeatable and the staff really goes out of their way to get you whatever you need. We asked for a glass of lassi with spices and the head of the F&B here smoked a few spices and infused the smoke into the lassi, aah talk about being treated like Royalty!


There are some beautiful places to visit in Tijara and Alwar like the Tijara Jain and Hindu temples, the natural spring of Surajmukhi, Jaisamand Lake, Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri, the City Palace, Bala Qila, and the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

But I would be honest all did here was walk up to every nook and corner of this property, clicked some beautiful pictures and some rather fun twirling videos of My friend and fellow traveller Harpreet, soaked up the sun lying on the grass and caught up on some reading and ate some wholesome food, I even used my phone a LOT lesser than I usually do.

They also have a Spa and if you book in adavance there are some good spa wellness packages that can be availed.

This place helps us unwind in the best possible as there are no TVs in the room, the mobile connectivity isn’t the best, and no wifi’s in rooms too.


As a former historian, my stay at the Tijara Fort Palace was fascinating, It is remarkable how Neemrana group is changing the way we look at hotels during our travels and provides a home away from home experience with brilliant service. The Clear skies and fresh air are a big bonus for a cityslicker looking to find a little weekend respite. The activities within the property are few and if you are looking to a holiday with a lot to do this probably wouldn’t be the ideal choice, the beauty of Tijara Fort Palace lies in the peace and solitude. A stay here could also be done as a stopover to exploring Rajasthan further. I would definitely return here and stay in another beautiful suite for a newer experience.


Cityslicker’s Tips

  • Watch out carefully for the signboards as you enter Tijara, Alwar, the Google maps can be a little misleading
  • The final part of the journey ( 1km ) to the fort is uphill and untarred, so wouldn’t recommend the same to an amateur driver.
  • Make sure you select your room according to yo your preferences well in advance as the experience of staying here can vastly vary on the room you choose.
  • As there are no Bar facilities available check with the hotel in advance if carrying some liquor is permissible
  • Private dinners can be arranged by the hotel if you make an advance request for the same.
  • Carry comfortable walking shoes to make the most of the time here
  • There is no TVs or Rooms service in the room to keep the promise of a  heritage un-hotel feel.

You can make reservations through the link here 

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