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16th May 2014

IMG_20140403_152114Gourmand was told by a college buddy about a new fast food like eatery opened up in Mahim. Ambretto is a startup venture by two Engineers  which definitely does not disappoint. It’s a nice place to visit and gobble up some sandwiches with a few buds. Quite pocket friendly and pleasing to the taste buds, Ambretto is a surprise winner.

The décor is decent, nothing particularly interesting worth mentioning . You need to place your order inside and the drawback is the limited seating area. However takeaways are always a hit here. First look at their menu and you see television shows and movie references adorn their selection of Baguettes, Empanadas, Submarines, Salads and Poutines. Quite quirky the names are, I must say! To refresh that weary soul, there are Iced Teas and Aerated drinks but nothing innovative in the beverage section.

To Understand how the food fares here we decided to try out one Baguette, one Poutine and an Appetizer from their selection. Within 15 minutes our order arrived. Their servings come nicely cushioned in baskets. a word of caution! Be ready to pump in some calories because boy! It’s a treat for greasy food lovers. Extra oil and cheese  are the prime ingredients of our Gourmet’s ultimate health scare. The Ct.Jack Sparrow baguette has grilled chicken drenched in caramelized onions and to top it, a generous helping of gooey melted cheese which makes you forget all the calories. Take a bite and the cheese just oozes out from all sides. The onions are neatly drunk in the caramelized flavor giving a nice flavor to the baguette.  The next thing we tried was the Veg Poutine. This served in a plastic cup had French Fries  arranged amongst a cuisinal orgy of cottage cheese, veggies and cheddar cheese. As you reach the end of the cup, the fries  soaked in the tasty sauce just give you the perfect ending to a delicious Poutine.  Pile up on the calories for this place. IT’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. The garlic breads deserve a special mention for being crunchily soft, having a delicious tinge of garlic and a bed of cheese ornamenting the wonderful slices. Just the kind of bread I would savor.


The Ct.Jack Sparrow baguette


The Veg.Poutine


Garlic Bread

It’s definitely a wonderful initiative and Mahim is lucky enough to get a gobble of this joint. They need to open up new offshoots.

Gourmand’s Final Verdict – This is a surprise! The evolving tastes of Mumbaikars are giving rise such quirky eateries. I would look no further for  a quick bite when I am around. They do have a long way to go as far as innovative drinks and desserts are considered. But they have just started their culinary journey. Nevertheless, a commendable effort indeed. Kudos! A must visit for people living in and around Mahim.

Gourmet – If anytime I am in or around Mahim, I would definitely give this place a try.

Place – Ambretto
Phone – 022 33487788
Address – 8, The Nest, Manorama Nagarkar Marg, Opposite Starcity Theatre, Mahim, Mumbai.

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