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Adventures inside an abondoned Slate mine

10th December 2016

We arrived in Snowdonia, which is every bit enchanting the Home of Snowdonia National Park and The highest mountain of Wales – Mount Snowdon. It is a destination that quite underrated for how beautiful it is, and it isn’t just the picturesque scenarios that make it amazing, it is also a place that has a variety of activities to suit just about anyone!

We decided to check out Zip World to explore the adventurous side of Snowdonia. We reached the  Llechwedd Slate Caverns which one of three locations of Zip world Adventures. This site includes unique experiences for almost everyone, from a four-person zip line to the unique, underground adventures that are Bounce Below,  and Zip World Caverns.

I’m going to skip that part where we got excited and then chickened out and ultimately decided to book Bounce below for the day and cavern the next day.

Bounce below 

Imagine 400 square meters of space in an abandoned slate mine with huge suspended trampoline to bounce, jump and roll all you want ? yes it’s true; it is a childhood fantasy that has come alive! The entire setting is breathtaking, and the technicolour light show makes me all the more trippy and adds to the fun. You get an hour for pure unadulterated fun that also is an excellent way to burn some calories.


I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much, jumping, sliding through different trampolines it’s an experience I will cherish. We returned with shaky, wobbly legs, but I would do it again if I can.



Still hungover from the fun the previous evening we headed for the Caverns in the morning. Touted as the greatest underground adventure it is one a kind. This 200 years old former mine has been designed to ultimate thrill seeker in you.


Almost shivering with fright at what’s in store we went into the training, a very hand on training is being to deal with the zip lines, how to get in and off the zip lines and how to not fall. After the training, we were told that the entire activity needs to completed by yourselves, we can wave in front of the cameras if get stuck or need help and the trainers will be there, but otherwise, we are all by ourselves. So yes world’s largest zip line adventure was left for to finish. The entire experience is a designed like a journey and has metal chains as bridges, to rope bridges to tunnels and what not. It took us close to three hours to finish it.

fullsizerender-2This was perhaps the most terrifying and probably the most exciting thing I have ever done. It started with just a chain as a bridge to cross, to a wobbly bridge of ropes to tunnels that we had to squeeze ourselves in It gets exciting and tougher with each hurdle, but the best part is that you don’t know what’s next in store. Kind of like life isn’t it, isn’t it?

We came out drained, strained and feeling like the biggest achievers in the world it seems like an exaggeration, but the experience was out of the world well because it is not every day that one gets to zip line across a million-year-old slate mine.

This was when I realized that adventures are the best way to learn, never decline an opportunity to do something out of your comfort zone, it is actually worth it!


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