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Microbreweries in Mumbai that you cannot miss

11th October 2016

Feeling sad? “Let’s have a beer.” Feeling happy? “Let’s have a beer.” Got dumped? “Let’s have a beer.” Failed in some useless exam? “Let’s have a beer.” Hungover from last night? “Let’s have a beer.” Got laid…. Well, you know where this is heading, don’t you? Beer is THE solution, the reason, the choice to every event in life.
Craft beer is something I swear by when it comes to chilling. Mumbai has surely welcomed this growing craft beer culture and people seem to have taken a shine for freshly brewed beers off the taps and embraced it with all its liver..err heart. Craft beer has surely grown on to me and if at all I say “Let’s have a beer” and my wallet permits, I look nowhere else but stick to my freshly brewed craft beer.


Okay, I regret not visiting this grungy outpost. Brewbot is probably Mumbai’s most famous microbreweries. I swear by their Botwork Orange (Witbier) and Black Mamba (Stout). The Botwork Orange is probably one of the BEST beers in the city. Sample their tasters and pick your pick!

Also do try their Bacon Wrapped Prawns, Miss Piggy Sliders, Ultimate Calamari, and Willy Wonka


1447665019-taps-8-beers-1Image credits 
Having stayed in Mumbai, all this while, I just couldn’t visit Corinthians. But, to my delight, the land of bakarwadis gave me Doolally in my area. Yay for that! Doolally is always my to-go place when it comes to a fresh pint. I love the simplicity in their all their taprooms. Plain, simple, no-nonsense stuff!

I swear by Doolally’s Oatmeal Stout and the Hefeweizen. Also, they experiment SO much with churning out new brews. I love their Mumbai City FC, Hoppy Blonde Ale, and Bohemian Lager.

The House Fries are TO DIE FOR. A Generous portion of fat crispy fries with beautiful dips.
The Barking Deer
Now, honestly speaking, TBD was loved by me when there not many breweries helming their classics. Anyway, it is still flocked by many who wish to drown their sorrows in hops and malts. Of all the beers I tried there, I liked the Bombay Blonde and the Chocolate Stout.

The Beef Nachos and the Barking Buffalo Style Burger is worth a try.

The White Owl

As the owl stealthily watches………White Owl is perennially available, and even regular pubs/bars serve this goodness on tap. Talk about good marketing and deep penetration in the nightlife scene.
When it comes to the owl, I totally love their Diablo (Irish Red Ale), Spark(Belgian Wit) and the Torpedo (American Pale Ale).

To hog, go for Chef’s Gourmet Popcorn, Parmesan Garlic Knots, Slow-roast chicken buns.

Noteworthy mention: Craft Beer Popsicle (Apple Cider made into your favorite lolly. Talk about childhood getting wasted)

Independence Brewing Company

Oh, Pune! How much do I love you? For me, only fresh bakarwadis are now the reason to go to Pune. After Doolally, I was hoping IBC opens base here and well…..there is a God!
Independence from boring beers, they say! Go for the Beer Flight Taster. Each beer deserves a feedback for sure. I’d highly recommend the Hoppy Blonde Ale and the Ixcacao (Stout). Also, the Four-Grain Saison is worth a shout out.

For me, my visit to IBC was all about beers. But to soak up the beery goodness, I stuck to my regular carbs – House Fries with three dips. Lovely stuff, this!

Honorary Mention to some brews you cannot miss.

Gateway Brewing Co.
Having their brewery located in Mumbai’s distant relative Thane, GBC can be easily spotted across numerous pubs/bars/restaurants in the city.
I swear by their White Zen (Wheat Beer) and their Doppelganger (Dunkelweizen-Dark Wheat).

Find them at BBC, Social Offline, Poptates, Woodside, The Beer Café, BSE, Irish House, Monkey Bar among MANY MANY others.




bira-hipcaskImage credits 
This monkey has won our hearts and how! Bringing together the best of the hoppy, malty world from France, Belgium and the Himalayas, this duo of Wheat Beer (BIRA WHITE), and Lager (BIRA BLONDE) have won us over.

I had read some weird, scary thing about the shortage of BIRA bottles and some issues with brewing and supplying. I almost cried myself to sleep but as I have always believed that God loves us, so he works around the system to give us our beer and he did!
*phew* That was quite a tedious read, wasn’t it? Exhausted? “Let’s have a beer.”


Till next time,

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