10 Indian Restaurants to Try in London

24th September 2016

A list of Ten Indian restaurants that are big on taste and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. ( not ranked in Order of preference ) 

Eat your way in London, the Indian Way. 

1. Dishoom: This Bombay Irani café is nothing like anything else. The retro Indian vibes, the cheeky writings on the wall and impeccable service. The food is spot on, and you can never have just one cup of their house chai which is why they do unlimited refills. The long queues will surely be rewarding. 

2. Talli Joe: The newest entrant Talli Joe is delightfully refreshing. The concept of small plates combined with crazy alcoholic concoctions is something that is already turning out to be a hit with Londoners. Talli Joe has drawn inspiration from every nook and corner of India and recreated it beautifully in each dish and beverage on the menu.

3. Salt: Salt boasts of one of the biggest collection of fine whiskeys, but what is equally impressive about this place Is the Food. It finds a place on the list because the food never falters, even though the service sometimes does. If you are already impressed, salt even does some good Sheesha. When the weather gets crisp, you know where to head.

4. Saravana Bhavan: Sarvana never disappoints. This Tamil Nadu-based world chain will please your appetite and your wallet. Swiftest service and food that is consistently delicious. Authentic South Indian food in London.

5. Bombay local: Head here if you miss the food from the bylanes of Mumbai, Bombay local has unbeatable prices and a long expansive menu of the tastiest grub. The service is quick, and the portion sized are impressive

6. Tayyabs: The quintessential kebab and keema place in Whitechapel, the Lamb Chops are a big hit and so is the BYOB ( Bring your own booze ) concept. This huge, loud and busy place celebrates North Indian cuisine like no other.

7. Roti Chai: Roti Chai is a restaurant of two section, upper floor Is a street food canteen/café, and the downstairs is a formal dining space. Interesting menu that features the best of India. This place makes for the perfect post-Oxford Circus shopping treat.

8. Punjab: Serving North Indian food in London since 1946, the food is so authentic it will transport you to Punjab! Even though I have heard mixed reviews regarding the service, my experience has been spot on.

9. Masala Zone: This is the go-to place for some Indian street food and Thali cravings. Excellent food that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The folks behind Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy sure did a great job with this growing franchise.

10. Gunpowder: A home styled Indian kitchen that has stylized the Indian cuisine and how the focus is on fresh produce and excellent ingredients. This small cosy place with attentive and friendly service is an absolute must visit if you love the indian cuisine.

What’s been your favourite Indian restaurant in London ? 

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